MolSSI Software Summer Schools are large 50-60 student educational schools that last for two weeks. The curriculum focuses on best practices in software engineering – version control, continuous integration, data management, programming paradigms, and more – to promote reproducibility and reliability in research as well as aspects of modern high-performance computing architectures and code optimization. The teaching team consists of a mix of MolSSI Software Scientist and domain experts in the CMS field from across the country. Student room and board are fully covered and the only expense incurred by the student is travel to the summer school itself.

The next MolSSI Software Summer School will be held in the summer of 2019. Check back for announcements!

Software Summer School 2017

The inaugural Software Summer School was held in Blacksburg, VA from July 24 to August 2nd, 2017. A total of 55 students attended this 10 day event. Further information can be found on the agenda and the GitHub organization.

The summer school was made possible by the following instructors:

  • Daniel Smith, MolSSI
  • John Chodera, MSKCC
  • Ilya Kaliman, University of Southern California
  • Lori Burns, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Devin Matthews, University of Texas, Austin
  • Doaa Altarawy, MolSSI
  • Ben Pritchard, MolSSI
  • Eliseo Marin-Rimoldi, MolSSI