To Provide Software Expertise and Infrastructure… MolSSI works with CMS research groups nationwide and internationally to design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain key code infrastructure and frameworks for the entire community. MolSSI interacts with partners in industry, NSF supercomputing centers, national laboratories, and international facilities to identify and act on emerging hardware trends, access leading-edge […]

To Provide Education and Training… MolSSI serves as an education and outreach nexus for the worldwide CMS Community. MolSSI organizes summer schools, targeted workshops, high-school and undergraduate training programs, and on-line resources and classes to provide current and future CMS students with a modern and complete set of programming skills. MolSSI reaches beyond the traditional […]

To Provide Community Engagement and Leadership… MolSSI will enable the CMS community to establish its own standards for interoperability, best practices, and curation tools. Through a “grass roots” approach, MolSSI engages the community broadly using interoperability workshops and focus groups – and ultimately will enable the formation of a Molecular Sciences Consortium – to catalyze […]